We assemble fixed, folding and sliding pvc windows, which offer the best resistance and the best insulation. They are adaptable to almost any space thanks to their elaborate design and functionality.

They are all environmentally friendly windows. During its preparation, it only emits water vapor into the atmosphere, not generating polluting emissions. In addition, they are 100% recyclable.

They consist of excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, reducing energy consumption and protecting against noise. They are healthy and inert materials, insensitive to contamination by fungi and without emitting any volatile organic compound.

We also have a wide selection of aluminum windows in our catalog. These are perfect for thermal insulation, with great durability and minimal maintenance, aluminum windows are the ideal element for your home or business.

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Tilt-and-turn PVC windows

Hinged PVC windows with a horizontal opening of 180º and tilt-and-turn windows with a vertical opening of approximately 45º. Thanks to their design and functionality, Oknafej casement windows allow thermal and acoustic insulation with relentless levels of efficiency and comfort.

The casement windows conform to a horizontal opening of 180º and the tilt-and-turn windows complement this opening with a vertical opening of approximately 45º.

Thanks to this design and functionality, tilt-and-turn windows adapt to almost any space and, together with its hermetic closure, make it the star window in terms of insulation and efficiency.

The structure of this window makes it very safe and resistant, and without losing the flexibility that its double hinge gives it, which allows a minimum vertical opening to ventilate the room without losing its security (avoids intrusion)

Sliding Windows

Very versatile PVC sliding windows when space is required as they do not need to open inwards, still maintaining a good response to insulation. They can also be combined between several consecutive modules, achieving a greater opening of the space.

They are sliding window systems with a frame depth of more than 70 mm with optimal thermal and acoustic performance. Possibility of minimalist leaf with only 75mm visible section.

Lifting Windows

Through a mechanical lifting system they manage to slide smoothly and effortlessly. Lift-up windows ideal for large dimensions, providing ample light and views giving a feeling of contact with the outside.

System designed for large enclosures with leaves up to 3.3 m wide and 2.80 m high. It incorporates a hardware system that slightly raises the sash when the handle is activated and facilitates the sliding of the sashes in the opening and closing manoeuvres.

Aluplast lifting profile that divides the opening into two movements. After the bottom frame sash is raised, it can be moved laterally. With this principle, large sash opening dimensions can be achieved.

It highlights the ease with which the blade slides with a gentle push.

Windows with Smart-Slide system

The new smart-slide sliding PVC window system convinces with its thermal insulation, static resistance and tightness values, as well as its ease of use.

The Smart Slide is an innovative mechanism for sliding doors where the closure allows a simple and intuitive operation, similar to solutions used in sliding and lifting doors.

Parallel Tilt Windows

Sliding system with frame profile and tilt-and-turn sash thanks to the use of a special closing mechanism.


Insulation Improvements

We offer enclosure options such as blinds and shutters that contribute to providing benefits, both protection and insulation as well as aesthetics.

Glass Curtains Glassystems

Design and functionality combined with our models of glass curtains, taking into account the latest aesthetic trends and technical details. Solidity and quality in all materials.

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