With PANEL DESIGN we have the latest technology in the manufacture of aluminum and PVC door panels for optimal thermal and acoustic insulation while protecting your home.

The different series that PANEL DESIGN puts at your disposal adapt perfectly to the different architectural styles or renovation projects and are available in 26 colors based on high-resistance decorative foil, lacquered according to the RAL chart or white PVC.

Whatever the project, work or reform, in PANEL DESIGN you will find a wide range of solutions and designs and you will have the commercial and technical support you need.

PVC Doors

Our PVC doors have an exclusive design and are efficient. Ideal for street doors, offering the best security and resistance features, perfect acoustic insulation and multiple customization with different finishes and accessories.

They are high quality doors and manufactured with panels, using the highest technology for the most demanding customers.

Available in various models of both profiles and designs, and with a width from 77 mm, it complies with perfect acoustic insulation.

Aluminum doors

Aluminum doors of maximum resistance and quality, manufactured with the highest technology for the most demanding customers. Our aluminum street doors provide the best quality and aesthetic design, guaranteeing impeccable insulation along with a wide variety and customization possibilities.

Available in various models of both profiles and designs, and with a width from 77mm, it complies with perfect acoustic insulation.

Alublok Security Doors

We are official distributors and assemblers of aluminum security doors. Elegance and safety in your door thanks to the Alublok system: the block entrance door with a hidden aluminum leaf.

Equipped with a 3-point security lock and ten steel bolts. Includes anti-bumping security bowler with key copies and security escutcheon. With four anti-lever hinges with stamped rivets. Draft shield/lower weatherstrip. Its marine board core makes it a robust and safe door. Choose from a wide variety of fittings and give your door a classic or modern touch, which will help it to be part of any environment without being out of tune.

Choose the color that you like best or the one that best integrates into your home: solid colors (glossy or matte), grained or imitation wood. Both the frame and the sash do not have any visible channels, it is smooth and uniform, making it easier to clean and increasing the feeling of quality. Our finishes make the door durable and easy to keep clean, free from repainting and other maintenance.

Automatic Gates

We install customized automated systems in all types of entrance doors, gates and garage doors for individuals, companies, industries and neighborhood communities.


PVC Windows

We assemble fixed, folding and sliding pvc windows, which offer the best resistance and the best insulation. They are adaptable to almost any space thanks to their elaborate design and functionality.

Insulation Improvements

We offer enclosure options such as blinds and shutters that contribute to providing benefits, both protection and insulation as well as aesthetics.

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