The aluminum and glass railing system is a modular system that adapts to any space, be it balconies, terraces, stairs and even stairwells. The firmness and clean lines of aluminum are combined with the design and elegance provided by glass.






Aluminum railings are an essential part to increase the security of any property. Aluminum railings or aluminum railings have the main function of protecting, avoiding accidents and, in some cases, being the point of support (installations on stairs, for example).

It is important to choose the right material when placing them, both in private and public properties, since their resistance and stability may depend on the material. Aluminum has established itself as one of the most used components in these and other structures for architecture.

It is important that before installing any type of railing, whether aluminum or not, the structure of the place where it is going to be placed is checked, since if it is not in good condition it could endanger safety. The most recommended in all cases is to rely on professionals who know the material perfectly, such as ARTE METAL URBANO. We make available to all our customers the most cutting-edge products with all the relevant certifications: standard railing and approved railing. We adapt both models to any space or hole after analyzing the situation and feasibility.

Homologated Railing

  • Arte Metal Urbano’s Approved Handrail system is a modular aluminum system that adapts to any space or stairwell.
  • It can be assembled in 2 different combined versions: with a glass or aluminum sheet body and with an oval or straight handrail.

Standard Railing

  • The universal railing system adapts to the space required.
  • It can be assembled in 4 different combined versions: with a glass body, in aluminum plate or with bars and with a round, oval or straight handrail.

All Glass Railing

  • The transparency of the glass allows total visual connection with the rest of the space, both outdoors and indoors, without sacrificing security.
  • Fixes the glass only at its base and avoids visual interruptions from vertical or horizontal elements.
  • It allows an installation tailored to the client where the profile can be placed on the surface, attached or embedded.


Railings of ladder and handrails

We create and assemble metal, wrought iron and wood railings and handrails, as well as any other material that suits the client’s needs: steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

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